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at Home Helpers

Generational Jazz Combo

Generational Jazz Combo
at Photoworks

Renee Martin

Renee Martin
at Palio Steak and Seafood Restaurant

Zachary Jones

Zachary Jones
at Sugar Magnolia

Jessica Endara

Jessica Endara
at Señor Ramon Taqueria


at Georgetown Café patio

Tony Greenfield

Tony Greenfield
at Black Shutter Antiques

Anthony Semiao

Anthony Semiao
at Leesburg Brewing Company

Ellen James

Ellen James at
Very Virginia Shop

Deep Creek at Sona Bank

King Street Kats

King Street Kats at
Blue Mountain Café

Peregrine North
at Georgetown Café

Larisa and Chris Mangione

Larisa and Chris Mangione
at Shoes Cup and Cork

Frank Lombardi

Frank Lombardi
at The West Loudoun Street Café

Blues/Folk duo Mosby Territory

Mosby Territory
at Trinity House Café

Just South of 7

Just South of Seven
at MacDowell Brew Kitchen

Brad Horan

Brad Horan
at China King

Frank Lombardi

Frank Lombardi
at The West Loudoun Street Café

Andy Hawk and the Train Wreck Endings

Andy Hawk and his Train Wreck Endings at Kings Tavern

Jan and Jeff

Jan and Jeff at
Designer Goldsmith (Market Station)

Drawing of Gary Rudinsky (c) Tim Kozak tpkozak.deviantart.com

Gary Rudinsky & at
King Street Coffee


The Leesburg Diner

Hard Swimmin' Fish

Hard Swimmin' Fish
at the Cajun Experience

David Davol

David Davol
at Döner Bistro


Different performances and special events every month!

Stroll around historic downtown Leesburg on the First Friday of each month (except January), to enjoy numerous live music performances throughout the town, art exhibits, wine tastings, lectures, signings, and so much more!

Over 45 specialty shops, art galleries, antique shops and restaurants are open until 9pm or later,
many offering free refreshments and/or special sales.

Upcoming First Friday dates for your calendar:

June 3, 2016
July 1, 2016
August , 2016

Events for Friday, May 6, 2016

  • Annie Stencil7:00-10:00 New Restaurant! King Street Oyster Bar, downtown's newest restaurant, is hosting singer/pianist, Annie Stencil, who brings her own twist on some classic blues, country, and soul tunes. She'll have you drinking a Martini with Ray Charles and a beer with Johnny Cash. Come see Annie to hear some of your favorite tunes from the 50's, 60's, and 70's.
    Location: 12 S. King St.
  • 6:00-9:00 New Shop! 27 South Interiors is hosting a grand opening event to celebrate their new home furnishings and accessory boutique, featuring high quality home furnishings made from around the globe. Stop by to welcome Carolyn and Nick McCarter to downtown and enjoy live music by guitarist, Mike Heuer, playing soul inspired rock and wine tasting with the Dry Mill Winery.
    Location: 27 S. King St.
  • 6:30-8:30 Diner Open! The Leesburg Diner, which re-opened recently, is hosting live music with the acoustic guitar duo known as GLAURIE, consisting of singer/songwriters, Glenn Stern and Laurie Mangold, playing a wide array of classic rock songs.
    Location: 9 S. King St.
  • puppy kissing6:30-8:30 Puppy Kissing! The Loudoun Museum is featuring a puppy kissing booth with adoptable and adorable dogs from the Forever Home Rescue Foundation. Also tea tasting in the cabin and the Children's Discovery Room is open, where today's youngsters can enjoy a hands-on history experience, exploring what life was like for children in the 1820's. Free Admission.
    Location: 16 Loudoun St. SW
  • 6:30-8:30 New Rock Band. Pangle and Associates is hosting a new Leesburg band, The Beauregard, playing all kinds of rock, blues and funk; featuring a "bunch of middle age parents" - Richard Anderson (lead guitar), Dr. Cary Birkitt (guitar & vocals), Susan Bolejack (vocals), Frank Doane (drums), David Goodrum (guitar & vocals) and Marty Williams (bass). Refreshments offered.
    Location: 109 S. King St.
  • 6:30-9:30 Anthony! Leesburg Brewing Company is hosting locally acclaimed guitarist/singer, Anthony Semiao, performing a range of classic rock tunes.
    Location: 2 W. Loudoun St.
  • 7:00-9:00 Irish Harp Music. Very Virginia Shop is featuring vocalist, Ellen James on Celtic harp, performing classical music, as well as folk songs and Irish ballads. Also enjoy Lola Cookies and Treats and their famous Ginger Chocolate Chip, which won for best cookie in Virginia! Plus sample some delicious Virginia-made gourmet foods.
    Location: 16 S King St.
  • 6:30-8:30 Rock Guitarist. China King is hosting live music with acoustic rock guitarist, Brad Horan performing a wide array of classic rock songs from the past four decades.
    Location: 5 S. King St.
  • 7:00-9:00 Jan and Jeff. Designer Goldsmith is hosting the popular guitar duo, Jan & Jeff, performing from their wide repertoire of songs, from classic rock to contemporary to bluegrass and old standards.
    Location: Market Station Lower Level
  • 6:00-9:00 Just South of Seven. MacDowell Brew Kitchen is hosting Just South of Seven, playing spirited guitar driven rock, rhythm and blues from the 60s to the present day. Whether serving up covers of rock's legendary pioneers or ripping out the edgier alternative and punk infused barn burners, Just South of Seven is sure to have you singing and dancing along.
    Location: 202-B Harrison St.
  • 7:00-10:00 Renee!. Palio Steak and Seafood Restaurant is featuring live music with singer/guitarist, Renee Martin playing country songs along with some Americana folk tunes.
    Location: 2 W. Market St.
  • 6:00-9:00 Rudy! King Street Coffee is featuring live music by local musician, Gary Rudinsky, playing a wide array of classic rock tunes. Plus, be sure to check out all the cool artwork on display on the walls by a local photographer, Steven Welti.
    Location: 110 S. King St.
  • 6:30-8:30 Bulter. Trinity House Café is hosting live music with Bulter, playing a array of soulful-organic- eclectic-pop. They put on a fun, energetic show with a taste for artistry. Stop by Trinity House Café, which is an outreach of the John Paul II Fellowship, to check out this cool band.
    Location: 101 E. Market St. (corner of Market and Church St.)
  • 6:30-8:30 Americana Rock/Blues. Coldwell Banker is featuring live music with Mosby Territory, playing blues, rock, folk, and bluegrass. The group features Wild Will Williamson on vocals, guitar, harmonica, and mandolin and Alona Williamson on vocals, percussion, and keyboard. As a songwriting team, they write in a variety of musical styles and cover topics from humorous satire to gritty stories of real life. Plus family friendly activities such as a coloring/activity table for kids. Refreshments offered.
    Location: 25 S. King St
  • 6:30-8:30 Jessica Endara. Señor Ramon Taqueria, downtown's newest casual restaurant, is hosting singer/guitarist, Jessica Endara, playing soulful pop and R&B songs, along with some of her own original tunes. Jessica is a student at Potomac Falls High School, who was recently accepted to the Berklee College of Music.
    Location: 15 Loudoun St. SE
  • 7:00-9:00 Guitarist, Tony Greenfield. The Black Shutter Antique Center is hosting live music by guitarist/singer, Tony Greenfield, performing from his repertoire of over 200 songs, ranging from classic rock to classic country and bluegrass to old standards.
    Location: 1 Loudoun St. SE
  • Loudoun Street Studios6:30-8:30 Local Artist! Loudoun Street Studios is showcasing live art demonstrations along with the art of three fabulous local painters - Holly Peterson, who paints landscapes and still life in oils, along with Libby Stevens and Remington Restivo, who feature Loudoun County scenery in their paintings. Light refreshments served.
    Location: 2 E. Loudoun St. Upper Level.
  • Leesburg School of Photography Instructors show6:00-9:00 Photos with Music & Wine. Photoworks is hosting the Generational Jazz combo, from Arlington, playing a variety of jazz music ranging from early-era swing to funk and contemporary pieces. Also check out all the cool photos by The Leesburg School of Photography as you can meet the instructors and ask photographic questions. Also enjoy the award-winning wines of Lost Creek Vineyard.
    Location: 2A W. Loudoun St.
  • 7:00-9:00 Crooner Tunes. The West Loudoun Street Café is hosting vocalist, Frank Lombardi, of Crooners Entertainment, who performs songs in the classic stylings of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Tony Bennett, Perry Como, Nat King Cole and Michael Bublé.
    Location: 7 W. Loudoun St.
  • 6:30-8:30 Deep Creek Rock Band. Sona Bank is hosting the teen band, Deep Creek playing an array of classic rock tunes. The band members, Jared, Justin, Mason and Nick are talented, versatile and dedicated musicians with a tremendous passion for music. Every time they play, they receive many accolades and continue to increase their following of loyal fans.
    Location: 1 E. Market St.
  • 7:00-9:00 Rockabilly Music. Blue Mountain Café is featuring the King Street Kats, a local rockabilly band that plays big guitars and sings high-energy songs — rock-n-roll songs about girls, dancing and cars. The Kats consist of Brad Pierce and Steve Dotson on vocal/guitar, percussionist Kenny Finger, and Joe DeFranco on double bass.
    Location: 26 S. King St.
  • 7:00-9:00 Celtic Folk Music. The Georgetown Café is featuring live music inside their café with singer/guitarist, Peregrine North, performing a mixture of original and traditional folk music from England, Ireland, and Scotland.
    Location: 19 S. King St.
  • 7:00-9:00 Sarah Warfield. The Old Town Grill is hosting acoustic guitarist, Sarah Warfield, playing a variety of rock, folk and alternative music.
    Location: 15 S. King St.
  • 6:00-9:00 Outdoor Concert. The Georgetown Café is featuring live music on their back patio with the local rock band, DSM4, playing plenty of rock-n-roll tunes from the past.
    Location: 19 S. King St.
  • 6:30-8:30 Teen Band Home Helpers of Leesburg is hosting Suburbia, a rock band with talented musicians from Potomac Falls High School - Will Salzmann, Ethan Farmer, Nikolai Rabin and Tommy Kowalski. Be on the watch for their upcoming album coming out this summer.
    Location: 101 Loudoun St. SE
  • 6:00-9:00 New Art Gallery! The Cooley Gallery is celebrating the re-opening of their art gallery at its beautiful new location and featuring abstract artist, Jason Good and potter, Marianne Tolosa, along with other amazing art. Stop by to check out their new gallery and pick up information on their other upcoming events and art classes.
    Location: 9 N. King St.
  • Friends of Leesburg Public Art6:00-9:00 Public Art Open House. The Friends of Leesburg Public Art is hosting an open house featuring live music by Tom O'Neil and the artwork of several local artists, such as Patsy Babcock, John Detrich, Doris Kidder, Elise Nicely, Jill Perla, Jim Sisley, Kim Richards, Jessica Wilson, Libby Stevens, Beckwith Bolle, Andrea Falzarano, Alice Power, Constance McKnight, Kathleen Howsare, Steve Soechtig, Jill Evans-Kavaldjian, Mo Slusar, Amber Morgis-Becker, Ute and Juan Gil, along with art by the students of Tuscarora High School. The venue is sponsored by Sagetopia and the Landmark Group Commercial with refreshments sponsored by Thomas Dunlap of Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig PLLC, with samples by Lost Rhino.
    Location: 199 and 203 Liberty St. SW
  • 7:00-10:00 Hard Swimmin' Fish. The Cajun Experience is featuring live music with the blues trio, The Hard Swimmin' Fish, who have been making music together for over 15 years, playing a range of styles covering the country blues of Mississippi to the urban blues of Chicago and to the funk infused blues of New Orleans.
    Location: 14 E. Loudoun St
  • 6:00-1:00 Live Music. King's Tavern and Wine Bar is hosting locally acclaimed Andy Hawk and his Train Wreck Endings band from 6-8:30, consisting of several local music legends. Afterward, from 9-1am, it's open mike night featuring a wide array of musicians.
    Location: 19 S. KingSt.
  • 6:00-9:00 Art Open House. Medlin Art Gallery is hosting an Art Open House showcasing a large selection of antique prints, maps and original artwork from such nationally-known artists as Mort Kunstler, Mary Hope Worley, Paul Landry, John Paul Strain and P. Buckley Moss. Refreshments served.
    Location: 2 E. Loudoun St
  • 6:00-9:00 Zachary Jones! Sugar Magnolia is featuring live music by singer/guitarist, Zachary Jones, a very talented student at Tuscarora High School, playing an array of jazz and rock tunes.
    Location: 1 W. Loudoun St.
  • 6:00-9:00 Open House. The Jean Whisperer is hosting an open house event, showcasing a wide array of jeans and other accessories such as boots, belts, scarves and jewelry. Also visit upstairs, for the newest boutique in downtown, Whisper Wear, which features active wear.
    Location: 1 W. Loudoun St.
  • detail of painting by Carol Clay-Ward6:00-9:00 Wine Tasting & Art. The Loudoun County Visitors Center is hosting a reception for the Artists of WLAST (the Western Loudoun Artists' Studio Tour), and wine tastings with the Stonehouse Meadery, along with some light refreshments.
    Location: Market Station - Lower Level.
  • 7:00-9:00 Book Signing. Books and Other Found Things hosts monthly "meet the author" events with local authors available to discuss and sign copies of their books.
    Location: 13 W. Loudoun St.
  • (c) Jill Perla6:00-9:00 Sunflowers! The Sunflower Shack is hosting an open house featuring local art by Jill Perla, who is known for her awesome floral paintings. Stop by to say hello to Peggy, and check all her unique treasures. They offer a wide array of home décor, antiques, jewelry and unique gifts.
    Location: 209 E. Loudoun St.
  • 6:00-10:00 Live Music. Crooked Run Brewing, downtown's littlest cool pub, is featuring new craft beers along with some cool music tunes. Stop by to try some of the finest locally made beers, crafted on-site by the owner, Jake.
    Location: Market Station-Lower Level.
  • 4:00-7:00 Open House. Blossom and Bloom Thrift Store is holding an open house with special deals and light refreshments.
    Location: 110 W. Market St.
  • 6:00-9:00 Rock Music. Shoe's Cup and Cork is featuring the live music with vocalist, Larisa Mangione with her husband Chris, on guitar, playing a wide array of jazz tunes.
    Location: 17 N. King St.
  • 6:00-9:00 Wine Tasting. Mesh Omnimedia, Loudoun's premier creative agency, is hosting an open house with wine tasting by Notaviva Vineyards.
    Location: 24 N. King St.
  • 10:00-1:00 Music and Art. Chimole is featuring music indoors with a Latin beat with the band, Grupo Ritmo K-Liente along with an art exhibit that showcases and promotes art from Honduras, with a wide array of paintings and pottery from various Honduran artists.
    Location: 10 S. King St.
  • Cindy McConnell6:00-9:00 Music with Wine. The Leesburg Vintner is hosting monthly wine specials with wine by the glass, along with live music from 7-9 with singer/guitarist, Cindy McConnell, who has performed acoustic folk/rock covers for more than 10 years.
    Location: 27 S. King St.
  • 7:00-9:00 David Davol. Döner Bistro is hosting acoustic guitarist/singer, David Davol, highlighting the Folk-Rock style of the 60'sand 70's. He also performs selections of modern Country and Western music, as well as Rock and Alternative tunes. Pick your favorite hits from his 400 song request list.
    Location: 202 Harrison St.
  • 6:00-9:00 Antique Open House. Leesburg Antique Emporium is hosting an open house with special deals on antiques and other collectibles.
    Location: 32 S. King St.
  • 6:00-9:00 Chicago Happy Hour. Windy City Red Hots is celebrating a "Chicago Happy Hour," in downtown Leesburg with cold beers and showcasing authentic Chicago style - Hot Dogs, Polish Sausages andChili-Cheese Fries. Stop by to get a quick bite of Chicago, without traveling 700 miles.
    Location: 28 S. King St.
  • 6:00-9:00 Antique Open House. Weathered Elegance, which is one of downtown's fabulous antique and home decor shop, will be hosting an open house with specials and refreshments. Stop by to check out this cool shop, which specializes in repurposed items.
    Location: 2 W. Loudoun St.
  • 5:00-8:00 Open House. The Guest Room is hosting an open house showcasing their wide array of fine furniture, most of which is made in the United States. Also, offering complimentary refreshments.
    Location:201 E. Loudoun St.
  • Finch Sewing Studio6:00-9:00 Friday Night Sew-cial. Finch Sewing Studio is featuring a sew-cial, which is a fun place to work on sewing projects with others and to get help from one of the studio's expert staff. They have the sewing machines and tools on site and are happy to help you get started on anew project or with a project you bring from home.
    Location: 102 W. Location St.
  • 6:00-9:00 Juice Party! Zootie's Vapors & Arcades is hosting an open house featuring over 50 new e-liquids. Stop by to check out this new place to hang out in downtown Leesburg and play some video arcade games.
    Location: 19 Wirt St.
  • 6:00-8:00 Open House. IndED Academies is hosting an open house event with Mine Craft games for the kids to play. Also take a quick tour of their learning library and learn more about their other upcoming children's programs.
    Location: 7 Loudoun St. SE
  • Moorefield Station Elementary School logo6:00-9:00 Student Art Exhibit. The Leesburg Commission on Public Art is hosting a new exhibit on the second floor of Town Hall featuring the mixed media artwork of students from Moorefield Station Elementary School. An opening reception is planned from 6-7pm, as part of the monthly Leesburg First Friday celebration of the arts. The student's artwork will be on display through May.
    Location: 25 W. Market St.
  • 8:30 Murder Mystery Comedy Show. The Tally Ho Theater presents Die Laughing Production's Superhero Homicide: Dawn of Deathdealer. This hilarious, interactive murder mystery show transports you to the Superhero hall of fame. One of the world's greatest Superheroes is about to be inducted into the Hall but unfortunately, things do not go as planned. Superheroes plus Supervillains equals a super-sized murder and it's up to you figure out who did it. Superhero Homicide features and stars 98 Rock's own Justin Schlegel but most importantly it stars you. Everyone has a little superhero in them and this is your time to prove it. Put on your detective hat and cape and solve this murder. The future of the world depends on it.
    Tickets available in advance.
    Location: 19 W. Market St.
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